Monday, June 10, 2013

Hexipuff Madness Monday - Week 11

It has been a really, really long hiatus. I have had some time to reevaluate my knitting projects. I decided to focus on finishing my hexipuff blanket before the end of the year. With careful planning, I can make it happen.

We last left off with 33 hexipuffs. Since then, I have decided to create a spreadsheet to help me figure out the details for my blanket.

So, here are the stats.
I need 1,046 hexipuffs to create the design that I have in mind. I calculated that if I do 5 a day, every day, I can have all of the knitting completed by December 25th. Who doesn't want to seam up a squishy blanket on Christmas day?

I can knit 2 hexipuffs on the train to and from work, which leaves me to complete 3 at home. That theoretically should be about 1 and a half hours of knitting. So, it's quite possible.

This week, I completed 17 hexipuffs. Way more than I have done in the past. I'm trying to finish my 1st skein of pink, to see if my calculation of 41 hexipuffs per skein is correct. This will help me to figure out how much more yarn I need to buy.

I calculated 12 skeins of Grey, 3 skeins of Pink, 4 Purple, and 3 each of Blue, Green, and Lavender. This blanket is no joke. But its a labor of love, so it is so worth it.

So, here are the first 50 hexipuffs laid out. The goal this week is to complete the first pink skein, and work on the grey skein afterwards. I plan on changing colors weekly, so that I can have a variety.


Deborah-- said...

Yay for getting this all organized and working on it again. Another great reason to be working on it now is if you need more yarn, you'll be able to buy it. 'Cause there is nothing like letting a project sit for way to long and realizing you need more yarn just to find out that yarn has been discontinued. Ugh. Look forward to seeing your progress! Keep it up!

Huisha Kiongozi said... I am so feeling that you are my hero right about now. I just "could not" even wrap my head around making/KNITTING're right, it is a LABOR OF LOVE!!!! I can't wait to see the finished product!!! YOU GO GURRLLLL!!!!!