Wednesday, December 5, 2012

NaKniSweMo Defeat

On Thursday night, I completed the body of the sweater. I was a bit delirious from all this crazy knitting and made a huge mistake.

The instructions said to cast on 74 stitches for each sleeve. The dumb thing I did was pick up every stitch instead of pick up 2, skip 1. So, I ended up with 94 stitches. I reworked the decreases and decided to just knit like a maniac.

By 6 PM on Friday, I had just enough time to finish the sweater, if I continued through to midnight. I had reached past the elbow. So, I decided to try it on.

EPIC FAIL!!! The sleeves were gigantic. If I intended to make a puff sleeve, and have a steeper decrease slope, it could have worked. But, I'm not making an old-fashioned sweater.

I decided to rip it out and really cast on 74 stitches this time. 2 decreases later, the sleeves look like they are a better fit. I'm working on them during the remainder of the week.

So, I failed at completing a sweater in a month. However, I learned a valuable lesson about following directions and sleeve construction. A perfect fit is always better than throwing on a rushed imperfection.

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