Monday, March 26, 2012

Hexipuff Madness Monday - Week 2

My total for this week is 3, making the grand total 6. This week, I have been consumed with reading The Hunger Games. I started on Sunday night and was able to finish it on Friday morning. I saw the movie on Saturday. In my opinion, my imagination painted a more gory picture of the attacks than the movie did. But, I guess that had to be done to keep it within ratings standards. Please forgive me. My mind has been tainted with Spartacus as of late, so my imagination is a bit more brutal than my demure outward appearance begs you to believe. Oh well! I guess that's what Hollywood cinematography does to you. I also started the second book of the trilogy, Catching Fire. I have read the first two sections in 1 day. I just can't put it down.

So, I am really trying to strike a balance between reading, knitting time and catching up on movies and TV shows. One of my amazing knitting friends invited me to a Game of Thrones viewing party this coming Sunday. So, that means I have to watch all of season 1 by then. I intend to continue knitting on my Ella Coat while I watch. It's been in time out way too long. I have been working many overtime hours over the past month. My apologies to my blog friends who have been looking forward to juicy knitting content. No worries. There shall be more in the forthcoming months.

Here is a shot of my meager contribution to this blanket.

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Tawana said...

The Hunger games (book) were excellent! I really want to go see the movie now. Hey friend! Long time no see or talk too!