Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Seeing Double

I am working on the sleeves of my Ella coat. I decided to make them both at the same time just to keep things consistent. In an effort to minimize having a ridiculous amount of mini yarn balls, I came up with an idea to keep everything together. I knit one sleeve from the inside of the ball, and the other sleeve from the outside. Secondly, I am alternating starting the even numbers of rows on the wrong side or right side for each color. This allows me to have some space when weaving in ends, so I am not weaving 2 colors next to each other. Some of the color bands are only 2 rows long, so it makes the fabric very dense if I'm weaving in a section that have 4 tails in a row. I have to keep on mind that I still have to seam this all together on the end. My darning needle is going to need some space.

The goal for the KAL is to have the sleeves completed before next Monday. For NaKniSweMo I finished a pair of sleeves in 2 days. But this is NOT November, and this is NOT a Stockinette sleeve done in the round with minor cable detailing at the cuff. I'm not even going to talk about the amount of ends to weave in, which could take up some significant time. Thank God for reality TV playing in the background to keep me awake late at night.

The stripes also account for the fact that Ella can't commute with me. But, I did manage to make use of my train time today. I casted on for Ella #2 today.

At this point, I am at Bedford Avenue, on the L train.  The last stop in Brooklyn.
I am making it in a color scheme that revolves around orange. This new Ella is actually for my mom, and I have chosen the size 44 for her after careful measurements. I asked my mom to choose which color comes next when I started to set up the color scheme. Her response "They all look pretty. Pick whatever you want." My result ended up looking like candy corn, but what the heck.

I will fix that by adding some bling with Tilli Tomas Flurries. I can't wait to see this Ella come to life.

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