Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Ella week 2 and soft yarn for a tough guy

This is the second week into knitting this glorious coat. The assignment for this week is to work the armhole shaping and separate the back from the left and right fronts of the sweater. Special care was given by Nora when it came to instructions on how to get the perfect fit.

#1 Measure the distance from natural waist to underarm. Mine would be 7 inches.
#2 Work the bodice to an inch or inch and a half less than that measurement. So, I stopped at 6 inches.
#3 Make sure the increases fall at the center boob point of your bosom. Sounds kinda funny, but it's perfect because you ensure that the front isn't lopsided. I still have a little room for a ruffle in the front, so I am happy with my progress thus far.

Separating the fronts from the backs required binding off mid-row. That was no problem. I am happy with the way the back portion is turning out, and I happy that I am almost through my second color pattern repeat.

Did I mention how much I love this yarn? Shepherd's Worsted is a dream to knit with. I completed the Festivus gift for "The Brain". He loved the feel of the yarn so much that he tried it on, stayed in my house for an hour chatting, and never took it off. I asked "aren't you hot". He said it felt too nice to take it off. That's the best complement a knitter can get. For those of you still contemplating on a yarn choice for Ella, this yarn is tough-guy approved.

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