Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Ella NYC Diva Colorway

I am so excited about my beautiful yarn for Ella. I decided to put together a color scheme to help me decide on the striping pattern. In order to do this, I copied the picture from the Noni blog into photoshop, and used the eyedropper tool to get the RGB values for each skein of yarn. I then created a set of rectangles in PowerPoint and assigned a color to each. Based on the amount of skeins of each color, I multiplied the pairs of rectangles used to represent rows. For example, I have more Zinnia Pink rows than I do for Baby Pink. I also numbered the rectangles so I wouldn't forget.

Here is my proposed color scheme. Now, I just need to run to a yarn shop to get some Addis before I head home tonight. I am ready to swatch.


Beth said...

Wow! That's serious business :) It's going to be beautiful!

Lisa said...

I love your colorway! In your chart of the colors, is each line one row or two?

Shameka said...

Thanks Lisa. Each line is one row. But I am sure you can double it for an even bolder effect.