Monday, December 19, 2011

Scrunchable sparkles

I had a wonderful knitting weekend. I went to my friend Ceci's house for a knitting dinner. She has such a beautiful Christmas tree filled with miniature knitted sweaters, mittens, and socks. It makes me wish I had a few Barbie Dolls waiting to wear those sweaters.

While I was there, I taught a new knitter how to do the long tail cast on, and the knit stitch. She learned fairly quickly. Yaaaaaay! Another knitter is born. So, while I was showing her the basics of casting on, I started my Scrunchable Cowl. But I ran into some trouble. By the third row, I realized I was making a möbius cowl. Hmmmm. I guess I am not allowed to knit circular patterns while teaching. So, I quickly pulled out the stitches. I did not want to get too attached.

I immediately cast on again and did my garter stitch starter rows. I usually don't like garter stitch, but for the purpose of this pattern, I could deal with a few rows of it. I crossed my first cable row, then the magic started to happen. I added the Crystal yarn and the bling started to make me smile. I'm so excited to make this cowl. Here is my progress so far.

Next on the needles : A hat for my freezing head. It was 30 degrees out this morning.

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Yarny Days said...

That is such a cool tree! Hope you are well!