Thursday, November 24, 2011

This is yesterday's blog post.

It's Thanksgiving Eve. I had the luxury of getting the privilege to work 3 hours less than usual. So, I had to go to work at 12:30. I left the house and the weather looked a little dreary. I picked up an umbrella that I bought during last night's downpour for $14 after taxes. Ugh!

I was on the L train, listening to a Podcast and fell asleep. Oh, did I mention I had 2 hurricane drinks from a place serving authentic Cajun cuisine the night before? So, I was tired. When I woke up, I realized that I was at Union Square only because the conductor said "6th Avenue next". I bolted out of the train, and ran to the next platform. As, I was waiting for my second train, I see a bunch of wet people. Dammit, where is my umbrella? Still on the damn L train. $14 down the drain. I caught my train to Times Square. Now, the only thing I could do to salvage my fierce look was to cover my hair that would frizz at the shear whisper of rain. I covered my head as if I was about to pray for the sins of everyone in manhattan, and ran from the train station to my job. I think I almost knocked over an old man. Sorry dude, but it took me $100 worth of products and 2 hours to get my kinky-curly hair pin straight.

When I got to work, my hair survived the ordeal, but I didn't have time to get my usual Starbucks Christmas blend with a shot of Vanilla. I walk into the pantry at work and felt like I walked into heaven.

We got a new Keurig machine. All of the day's bitterness ended when I saw the words "insert K-cup". I gladly did.

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