Monday, November 7, 2011

Blogger for iPhone.

I am having some serious issues. Last night, around 8 PM, I posted my Sunday=Beauty Day post. I could have sworn the phone said "publishing". So, I went about my business, had dinner, watched a few TV shows, and knitted on my Nakniswemo Wisteria.

I decided to check my blog today, only to find that it wasn't published. Ugh! I am so annoyed. It's bad enough that I can't properly organize the pictures I am blogging. Now, this app is calling my phone a liar??

So, lo and behold, there are 2 posts today.

Here is my sweater progress. It is currently at 4,056 stitches. I am a little less than 10% done. I am still wondering if completing this by thanksgiving is still humanly possible. I am about 5 days behind, according to my estimates. Oh well, I won't beat myself up about it. I will just shut up and keep knitting. Haha!

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