Thursday, January 20, 2011

Stash Control 2011

Today, I joined the Stash Control 2011 group on Ravelry, as well as the Mystery 220 group.  These two groups, along with my 11 sweaters in 2011 group should keep me on the right track to reducing the total amount of yarn in my house, and increasing the amount of wearable items. 

Stash Control asks their members to post how much yards of yarn enter the stash cave and exit the stash cave on a monthly basis, and overall for the whole year.  The Mystery 220 group gives a new mystery project each month that uses 220 yards of yarn or less.  So, those 2 one-off skeins that contrast each other can work for a colorwork project.  Have any leftover fingering weight yarn, and don't know what to do with it?  Well, now there is a project for you.  I hope to be able to work on these projects while I am traveling, and leave the big sweaters at home. 

So far, I have been working on 3 projects this year.  The first is a present that I shall speak no more of, until the day when it can be unveiled.  The second is my Vaila that I started over a year ago.  I managed to complete the sleeves, so now I just have to finish the ribbing on the lower body of the sweater, and I am done. 

Here is my third project.  I am making a Trapper Hat for my grandfather.  He wears a Kangol hat that doesn't cover his ears, it is bitter cold outside, and he lives near the ocean in Far Rockaway.  He needs something better.  Plus, his birthday is today, so he deserves something nice. 

Trapper Hat Beginnings

Trapper Hat 2

Trapper Hat 3

This hat is from KnitPicks, and it is called Into the Woods.  It is made using Wool of the Andes yarn.  I modified it by omitting the slip stitch raised knit stitches, and just using the Fair Isle technique.  I like hot it is coming out.  I can't wait to see what it looks like on him.  Of course, I am the best granddaughter of them all.  Go ahead family, get jealous.  Can you knit????

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