Saturday, November 20, 2010

NaKniSweMo Update #2

I was just about to go to sleep (3:13AM), but I realized that I will be riding the train into the city tomorrow, and I needed to have my precious knitting with me.  In order to carry on with the design, it is about time that I added the steeks for the neckline.  So, before I did that, I decided to try it on, just to make sure that my waist shaping measurements actually fit my body correctly.  I had to add 22 rows to the pattern on a whole, because at the gauge that I am knitting with, it would have been 2.5 inches too short.   Who wants a Midriff Argyle Sweater when they want to look professional at work in their knitted attire?

So I put half the stitches on another needle, and put it over my Afro hair.  It was able to stretch over the massive mound of curls (Good sign)  Then I put my arms through.  No sound of ripping (Good sign).  Then I slid it down to my waist area.  I experienced normal average stretch that you get from a well measured sweater.  I was surprised that the Fair Isle was this stretchy. 

So, here is my sweater, up to the point of where I will add the steeks for the Deep-V neckline.  I am so excited about it.

So, according to my stitch calculations, the sweater is at 40% done.  I am going to have to do some serious catching up, but I am very hopeful still.  My main concern is the fear that I won't have enough black yarn.  EEEEEK!  We will see.  I am keeping my fingers crossed.  40% looks more like 60% in this picture. 

I am also waiting on my Knit Pro Tunisian crochet hooks that I ordered from . These hooks will attach to my Knitpicks needle cable/wire and I can pick up stitches using the crochet hook.  My motto "Work smarter, not harder" .  So, the needles are coming from the UK, because although Knitpicks sells crochet hooks, they do not sell the interchangeable one.  Knitpicks are only allowed to send Knitpicks products in the US and Canada.  The KnitPro products are the exact same design as Knitpicks, just sold exclusively in Europe and Australia.  Why, why why????  I asked Knitpicks if they were going to addit to the list of products.  They kindly let me know that all of their customer's requests go into consideration.  We will see what happens.


bmom said...

That looks fantastic -- you're really motoring along. And thanks for the tip about the hooks....I'd never heard of them.

Oiyi said...

Oh steeking! How exciting!

craftivore said...

Freakin awesome! I'm jonesing for a colorwork vest now.

Jada said...

Wow it is looking good! Can't wait to see it when its done.

Nik said...

I am so glad I read this post. Both for the beauty of the knitting, and for the information about the interchangeable crochet hooks. Awesome idea! That's why I love reading blogs.

craftivore said...

Your vest is looking awesome!! I have to get on the steeking bandwagon too, maybe after the holidays.