Saturday, February 20, 2010

Ravelympics Roundup!

I have been such a stranger to my blog.  I am so sorry.  I have just gotten so caught up with doing 365 in Flickr, and working late, that my poor blog seems to suffer.  For all the readers out there, I am so sorry.  i will try my best to keep things a little more updated.

As it stands now, I am taking part in Ravelympics 2010.  Last Ravelympics, I failed miserably trying to do a sweater and a pair of socks.  The sweater has since been completed, got a moth hole in it, been repaired and washed, blocked, and worn to work.  Yay!  I am so glad that I was able to save it.  Warning!  Clothing moths like Alpaca too. The socks are still a UFO, because I just don't like how the yarn feels, and I feel like i am knitting with brillo.  Over the course of time I have grown to appreciate finer grades of sock yarn, so my tastes have changed.  Who knows if I will ever get a chance to finish them.

So we move on to 2010.  The winter Olympics is ON AND POPPIN'.  The US has won 20 medals, and I would like to believe that part of the reason was because I was knitting while I was glued to the television set every night.  I belong to 2 ravelympics groups; Team Sit N' Knit NYC, and Team 10 in 2010. For my Sit N Knit entry, I decided to do WIPs Wrestling, and complete my Mulled Wine Raglan Cardigan using Cosmic Pluto's design.  I am proud to say that at this point, I have completed the body and am working on the sleeves 2 at a time.  I feel like a figure skater who has completed their second to last Triple Axel. One more to go! Here is a picture.

My second entry into the WIP category is my February Fitted Pullover that was supposed to be my NaKniSweMo project.  Well.... that wasn't completed in time for that, but I still wanted to wear it this winter so I decided to enter it into this category.  All I have to do is sew on the sleeves, and finish the neckline.
Here is a picture.

My entry for my Team 10 in 2010 group is the Sexy Vesty made out of Lion Brand Cotton-Ease in Azalea.  This yarn was originally bought for Hey Teach, but I frogged it because I didn't like how it was coming out. I started this on Tuesday night, and this was my progress after knitting group on Wednesday.  I have knit about 115 yards so far.

Before Ravelympics started, I was working on Vaila during the month of January.  I decided to work on it from the top down. I have completed the waist shaping. Here is a picture.

Here are my charts for my 10 in 2010 progress.


Sharon V said...

Wow! You're sure getting a lot done. You're not only crafty with the knitting, but with your charts too.

Good luck!

Nashe' said...

your alive !!! i missed you !