Friday, February 26, 2010

Ravelympics Sweater Complete!

I am editing this post, because I want to post my medal.  This feels gooooooood!!! 

My Top-Down Raglan Sweater is complete. This is the entry I had for the WIP event.  It has been on the needles since June of 2008.  Sheesh!  The pattern is from Laura Chau (CosmicPluto).

I used size 9 needles, did a ribbed button band, and waist shaping.  I used Manos Del Uruguay Wool in the Mulled Wine Colorway.  This sweater is warm beyond belief.  It is snowing outside today, and I work for the corporation whose doors never close, so it will be very instrumental in keeping me warm on my journey into work.

Sewing on the buttons last night.

Here are the pictures I took before I left the house to go to work.




Sidebar: Thesoapyknitter (Rosi G.) left a comment yesterday that got accidentally deleted because I was checking blogger on my phone and the screen is so small that I clicked the wrong button.  Her words were "GO!! GO!!".  Rosi, I did it!  Thanks for the encouragement.

Happy Knitting everyone!  I gotta scram.  Have to catch a delayed bus to get to work.


Deborah said...

I am so very proud of you for finishing this sweater! It looks absolutely beautiful on you girl. Congrats!!!!

Sharon V said...

Lovely sweater and that color looks great on you.


Oiyi said...

Awesome, Shameka! You did it!

sophanne said...

It looks great!

craftivore said...

Yay for a lovely FO and a medal!

Lynette said...

congratulations!!!! you finished a sweater and all i finished for Ravelympics was a 3-yo shawlette. great job!!

Necia said...

Very nice!

Therese said...

Great job on your sweater and winning a medal. Can't wait for April 4th...LOL

Therese said...

Good job on the sweater and winning a medal. Lovely sweater!
Can't wait for April 4th...LOL