Thursday, October 23, 2008

Rhinebeck - When it's nice, do it twice!!

Last weekend I went to Rhinebeck for the second time, and it was such a blast.

So, I was told by the lovely weather people that it would be 56 degrees out. I remember that I wore my Central Park Hoodie the year before, and although I had a sweater to wear already, I was set on trying to finish my second CPH just in time for the festivities.
Here is a picture of it in pieces, laid out on my hotel bed. My buddy Deborah told me I was crazy, and that I surely was.
I pulled an all-nighter to seam the shoulders, finish the hood, and create the buttonband. I got halfway through the buttonband, but had no time to seam the sleeves. I also did a 3-needle bindoff for the hood, as I was in a rush. Now that I look back at it, I don't like the seam in the middle of the hood, so I will rip it out, and kitchener the hood. No matter how many times we hear this saying, we seem to never learn this lesson "Haste makes waste". Enough said.

So, as bleary-eyed as I was, I still managed to wear my Wicked sweater. Here is a picture of me wearing it, accompanied by Tawana in her Juliet sweater. The photo is a little slanted, but I think it looks cool. This photo was taken at the ravelry party. It was a lot of fun, but the weather was sooooo cold. I spent most of the time in the heated tent, except for when they were calling out raffle prizes. But, I didn't win :-(.

I spent some time with Deborah, who I barely get to see as much. We used to have knitting lunches all the time, and then I had to change my hours at work, so that doesn't happen anymore. But we got to spend an awesome weekend together, and kept saying "Let's not talk about work". Here is her getting some affection from a llama.

And here petting some yarn. She plans to make this a future purchase, once she finds the right pattern. It was super expensive, but super worth it. There was enough to make a sweater entirely on one skein. Anything that minimizes weaving in ends is a winner in my book. Yet, it is only truly worth it if you had the right pattern already chosen and ready to be swatched. And based on the fact that we are planning future yarn purchases, this sign couldn't be any more appropriate.

Here are some new friends I made, along with Deb and Kim. We had a blast gushing over yarn, and tasting all that wine and cheese.
Ravelry Name Rollcall - Angelny29, Boringknitter, Smush, YarnyOldKim, Craftivore.

And a good friend that I hadn't seen in a really long time. Sahara!!

And best of all, here are all of the goodies!!! Yarn, dessert wine, natural soap, maple sugar cotton candy, maple peanut brittle, honey roasted almonds, and more yarn.
Closeups of goodies.
MMMMMMMalabrigo Silky Merino in Dill. Last spring I bought a pair of slacks for work, and haven't worn them yet because I didn't have the perfect sweater to wear with it. This is the exact color of a pinstripe in those slacks. I bought a sweater's woth, with plans to make Victoria from Twist Collective. I know I sound super anal about being matchy matchy with my yarn and wardrobe, but hey, I got this for about $9.95 a skein, so I had to make sure it was well worth it. (Bargain Alert!!!!) I have to thank Tawana for pointing out the shop that sold it. I had blindly walked past it on day 1, and made sure I didn't miss it on day 2.
I also picked up the color Amoroso to make a nice cowl for myself.

And some in the Viena colorway to make a Crofter's Cowl for mommy.
Another booth that was not-to-be-missed was The Fold, where there ws a plethora of Socks That Rock.

I picked out Mossy to make some socks for my mom. Hmmmm.. maybe she will appreciate knitting more after she slips into some cozy socks. Hopefully we will be able to convert her in a few months.....or's taking a while. aarrgghh!!!

I also got this Rare Gems color. It looks like a Raven Color that went wrong. I don't care. It is still gorgeous. I can't wait to see how it knits up.

Here is a Raven Color that went right. LENORE. I love the bit of purple that peeks through. I am thinking of Pomatomus, but I am not sure yet.

Also, there were some discounted mill ends, that were for sale "as is". I found my favorite color combo, pink and gray. Yay!! I already have a pair of Air Max '95's from eons ago that they will match. I know, there I go being matchy-matchy again. I can't help it.

And, last but not least, I got 3 skeins of this gorgeous Decadent Fibers Creme Brulee. Silk and Merino. MMMmmmMMmmmmm. I plan to make Wisteria out of this. This too, is from the Twist Collective magazine.

Don't miss the last few days of my contest. There is stills some time to make a comment for entry.!!!


Kelli Simone said...

What a haul! I love it when I shop with a plan and an eye for bargains. Glad you had a blast. ~ksp

sophanne said...

Nice haul!

Deborah said...

Lots of fun. Lots of memories. Lots of yarn. It was a great time had by all. You got lots of great stuff for sure! Next year no pulling an all nighter no matter what. :-) Ummm, please email the pics that I am in so I have them to scrapbook? You actually got shots that I like of myself! LOL

Mary Beth said...

Nice enstashenhancements! I like the "Dill" yarn. I love me some unique green (just wish I looked good in it.) I am seeing a "Vienna" trend. (OXOXOX for my lovely gift. URGR8T!)I will be there next year. I have established a fool proof plan (No, not knock of the "fool" who prevented it this year. I'm not that vindictive. Evil Grin.)

Rosi G. said...

oooh i see you got bit by the STR bug! :o)

Your wicked looks great!

Kim said...

It was great getting to spend so much time with you last weekend! You are so hardcore doing a knitting all nighter!! Sorry I didn't get to say bye. Misa and Deborah were on a mission to get more yarn and a spindle and you had just run into your friend Sahara. I have plans to knit Wisteria too (maybe with some Wild Apple Hill yarn??). My last purchase of the day was some Decadent Fibers (3 huge skeins of Pulled Taffy). Woo hoo! I can hardly wait til next year!

Harlem Purl said...

Awww man, I didn't get to see you or Sahara at Rhinebeck. I'm glad you had fun though, looks like you made some great purchases.

Anonymous said...

You got some nice yarns. And food too!

Virtuous said...

Gurl you got some good loot!!
I love dessert wines!
And how about I have 2 skeins of the Viena and still trying to decide what I am going to do with it!!

craftivore said...

It was so so so great to spend time with you and for you guys to share your hotel room with me. I absolutely approve of every single puchase. I agree that the green Dill might be the winner, I can't wait to see what you make with it.

Jen said...

Oooh I had my eye on that Creme Brulee colorway but by the time I made it back to the booth it was gone. Clearly we were circling at different times, but I'm glad it made it into a stash where it'll be well loved ;)

hope said...

Once again I couldn't make it to Rhinebeck so I had to live vicariously through your visit. I guess I have to look at the bright side and consider that I didn't spend any money, but boy oh boy I'm drooling over your stash.

Deborah said...

girl, you really went all out at Rhinebeck! And you got to hook up with Sahara, too jealous!

cici said...

wow... nice purchases. I am hoping to wear my CPH to Stitches this coming weekend.