Sunday, October 5, 2008

100th Post...Creative Fun!

I was having some creative fun yesterday, so I made these!! We have a very short time left to make a decision. And with these, I don't even have to say who I am voting for, because you already know. I encourage you to VOTE FOR CHANGE!!!

Wanna get your hands on some? I just made an update to my ETSY store! 50% of every sale will go towards the campaign.

So who is the proud owner of these sets? They were given to Jen, as part of the Sit N' Knit Neckwarmer Exchange. I think she likes 'em!!Here is a closer look at her Crofter's Cowl. The yarn I chose for this cowl is Malabrigo Silky Merino in the "Ankara" colorway. I used size 6 needles. The pattern calls for 2 pattern repeats, but I did 3 repeats, just to make it longer. I had just enough yarn, as you can see from the picture in my previous post. The cowl is created by making 2 pieces, and then grafting it together. I had to rely heavily on that book, my personal knitting bible, in order to get through the kitchener stitch/grafting technique.

I will definately be making a second one for myself. When I can give a gift that I would like to have for myself, I am overjoyed because I know the recipient is getting something that touches my heart. This cowl is super soft, and very cute. I also have a teal leather jacket that will match it perfectly. Yay!!

Speaking of matching perfectly, I received this beautiful cabled, button-up cowl from Limonene.

Here is a close-up shot. She also got me some Raspberry Ghirardelli chocolate treatsas well, and I am going to savor every single bite of it. The cowl matches the bag that Chicagopurl bought me for my birthday. I mean it is a perfect match. I have been trying to break away from all of the pink, and add some more colors to my wardrobe. This cowl is perfect. It is supersoft, and I love it. Thank you once again, Limonene!!!

Since the weather was a bit chilly today, I decided to wear my Central Park Hoodie. My very first sweater. My labor of love. I looked down at my arm and saw this horror of all horrors.

Here is a closer look at the damage. I don't even know how this happened. I am suspecting that the yarn just wasn't properly spun in that area, and it just popped. It doesn't look like a moth had a feast. And, since I am Meka the Mothslayer, that wouldn't happen anyway.

So, I became a sweater surgeon today. Although it may not be perfect, at least the hole is closed and I don't look like I am wearing a bummy sweater.

So, the lesson of the day is... always keep a few yards of sweater yarn, because you never know.

Oh, you want some knitting content? Wicked sleeve #1 is almost finished, but there isn't a picture yet. Rhinebeck is in 13 days, I gotta finish this baby soon. I am not missing another deadline!!!

I also am celebrating a milestone today. This is my 100th post. Since I am feeling generous, I think I want to do my first contest. The prize will be a set of 10 stitch markers in the size of your choice (worsted, chunky or bulky) made with a picture of your choice, and matching swarovski crystal accents. Here are the rules.

  1. Comment for your first entry.
  2. Mention the contest and link to this post on your blog for a second entry.
  3. The drawing will be on October 28th. 1 week before the Presidential Election. Good Luck!!


NikkiJ said...

I must learn more about this Meka the Moth Slayer alias. I may need to use her powers one day.

Harlem Purl said...

I came to your blog looking for pink and all I see is a sea of blue!

Virtuous said...

Happy 100th post!!

Dangit!! @ sleeve! Glad you will be able to patch up

I am lurvin' the Obama stitchmarkers! Count me in for those if I win! Yay!

Kim said...

Bloglines is messed up and not telling me you posted! I loved this very cowly post. The crofter cowl you made is gorgeous and so it the one you received. So glad your CPH surgery was successful. A hole. Eeek!
Happy 100th Post! That is a big milestone.

craftivore said...

Happy 100th! You're a centenarian. I love all the cowls, the lacy one you made looks like a killer. It's great how social your knitting is. I hope I get to see you Rhinebeck, I'm planning on making it there by hook or by crook.

limonene said...

Happy 100th post! I'm so, so glad that you like the neckwarmer. Here's to lots of new blue accessories!

Deborah said...

Congrats on your 100! Love the cowl you knitted and the one your received. Funny how they are the same color! Very nice.

Kelli Simone said...

For some reason bloglines has been overlooking you in my updates...for shame. I had to take a minute to catch up.

Congrats on the 100th post and the save on the CPH. (my first sweater is on the needles and it too is the CPH). Great minds...

Can't wait to see you at Rhinebeck. ~ksp

Mary Beth said...

Congrats on the 100th! Lovely cowls all around. I'm in the mood to knit one. Maybe on my plane trip. My 1st pair of socks developed huge holes in the soles recently. There was no repairing them, I tell ya. Glad you fixed your sleeve right away. Looks good.

Nancy said...

Happy 100th post!

I've nominated you! The info's on my blog.

Yvonne said...

Comment! Comment! I want some stitch markers, Meka!! :)

chicagopurl said...

Congrats on your 100th Chica! I always love your work and you always cheer me up! I'm glad you were able to fix your sweater after all that work you put into it. Of course, you know I LUUUVVV the stitch markers, so I want a pair, but hopefully I will WIN a pair (wink wink nudge nudge) LOL! Check your email when you get a chance!

Jen said...

I love these stitch markers so much. Such a great present! Thank you!

Nancy said...

Congratulations on your 100th post! Your stitchmarkers are wonderful and I want 'em!!!

Pat said...

Congrats on your #100 blog and I love your knitting and stitch markers. I want me some!