Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Where has Shameka been???

It has been 3 weeks since I last blogged. What took me so long? Well, it really has been an eventful 3 weeks. Where do I start??

First of all, I modeled in a photoshoot for my hair salon House of Hair. They needed someone really daring to do a drastic change, so here are some of the "candid" shots on the day of the shoot.

I also went on a frenzy making a bunch of stitch markers. I have already updated my ETSY site with blog-button stitch markers for customization, so if you would like something made please don't hesitate to send me a message. I will make more updates soon, I promise.

These are for Carrie. They will be in the mail shortly. She was the only one to respond to THE CHALLENGE. She didn't have a blog button, so I created an image for her to use on her stitch markers. I also made them in her favorite color of blue. They can be used on worsted weight and chunky needles.
These are for Tawana. She was kind enough to gift me some Lorna's Laces sock yarn in Bittersweet. So, this is my way of saying "Thanks". These are for my Sit N' Knit Group. They were raffle prizes for our Worldwide Knit in Public Day event. It was so much fun. Congratulations to the five lucky people who won stitch marker prizes!!! These stitch markers are Limited Edition.
These were made especially for Me!!!

I also had a performance at a fairly new club in Brooklyn called LIME. The vibe was really nice, and we had a lot of fun. I am singing alongside the one and only Dane Gulston. I admire him as a musician so much. This man can play ANYTHING on that Steelpan!!! He had the crowd jammin' all night. And guess what?? He saw me knitting, and admires all of my various talents, including my knitting skills. He has already requested a hat from me. Not sure if I can make anything to surpass that Kangol hat that he is wearing, but I can surely try.
I went to see Sex And The City with my girls Tawana, Chante, and Saunielle. Afterwards we had sushi, and I thought this cup was so cute. We had a lot of fun, and I even got some knitting done.
Here is the knitting update!!!

While I was at the hair salon (all day), I started this Top-Down Raglan Cardigan . I am almost complete with the yoke. I am using Manos del Uruguay in color #118, Mulled Wine on size 9 needles. I love this color. The yarn smells a little like vinegar, but I can deal with it. I will use some Citrus flavored SOAK to make the foul smell go away when I am blocking.

I also made some progress on my Jaywalkers.

I started a new pair of socks for my Summer of Socks Knitalong. These are my Nutkins that I started this past Sunday. I am using Socks that Rock Mediumweight in "Mustang Sally" from my stash, and size 2.5mm Knitpicks 40 inch needles. I acquired it at Rhinebeck. I first fell in love with this color when I saw it on Deb's blog. I don't know what took me so long to make something with it. I LOVE THIS YARN!!! It feels so nice. I feel so happy that I matched the perfect pattern with the perfect yarn. The pattern is very easy to follow and remember, which makes it even nicer. I am currently on the third repeat of the pattern. I have to complete 8 repeats before I turn the heel. Once again, magic loop is my friend. I am afraid that I will never go back to double points. This 2-at-a-time technique is a winner!!! Now I just hope I can finish in 2 weeks to be eligible for that raffle prize. I already started a day late... Darn!! Wish me luck!!!

Also, in response to the comments in my last blog post, I will be making earrings to match the stitch markers for all of the Mekamika admirers out there. Thank you for all of the feedback, input and well wishes. Having good people like you to help guide my creativity is priceless.


Virtuous said...

Great update! You have been busy!

Gurl you are working the new daring look! :o)

And I didn't know you sing!!! Wow!
Mr. Dane is seems real cool...please tell me he is single and the "light on" sign just for you!! :o) Haha!

I love the stitchmarkers! So cool you can get blog banners on them!

Gurl you will never go back to DPNs on socks! Haha!
I am about to get brave and start my SOS too!

Glad all is well with you!

Kelli Simone said...

Hey. You are very busy. You wear that platinum blonde very well. I hope you had fun. Sometimes hours in the salon are just what you need to go completely crazy.

I live the stitch markers and the socks.

I have given up on the SOS'08 contests because folks are making these short socks that just barely meet the length requirement. Takes the fun out of it for me. Be well. ~ksp

Deborah said...

Girl those pictures are hot and you already know my thoughts on the hair. :-) I didn't think you were singing with Dane anymore? Love the stick markers. Very cool. Nice seeing your knitting updates.

Jeanine said...

Hey Good Lookin!!!

Great update. Good to know my twin has been productive. Pretty soon we can start to count down for our bday! Woohoo!

Kim said...

I left a big old comment and it disappeared! Bummer. You know I love the hair! Scha-wing!!!

gold said...

You look great!
I love your stitch markers the are very cute.

Mary Beth said...

OMG! Who is this woman???? I love the pic with you in the pink dress. Smoking.

Such cute stitch markers. What a creative idea. Love 'em.

Nice knitting going on too. I'm with Kelli on the SOS 08 thing. I want to make socks I actually like & these dumb barely there socks are so unright. Ya know?

bravebird said...

Shameka, you look great with the blonde girl! Are you going to keep it? I also love the stitchmarkers! I checked out your hair salon site also - is that you on the gallery as a hot redhead also? LOL! Sistah, you are workin'it girl! I'm happy for you doing your thing!

janet said...

GREAT pictures. You look beautiful and how much fun was it to take some glam shots? Love you singing at the club with the steel drum guy. So this is life without kids.

Deborah said...

Loved the shot of you with the steel pan man!

Nashe' said...

You are doing it , doing it and doing it well..
Congrats on the fun , flames and fire you got going on over there miss thang , those markers are hot !!!!!