Friday, December 28, 2007

Reflections of my blog-aversary

My first post was December 28, 2006

Wow!! It has been a year since my first post, and I must say that it has been wonderful. Through all of the ups and down of hats that didn't fit, and seams that didn't come together right, and ripping back of row after row, I can still say that I love this knitting thing. I have met some amazing people, and I have a bunch of new people that I can actually call my friends. It is great to have other people who understand why you rip back 20 rows because you see a miscrossed cable, or a dropped stitch.

Here are some of the things that have learned/accomplished in the past year.
  • I knit a sweater. My very first sweater, and it fits, and it is gorgeous, and I love to wear it. I feel very validated as a knitter because of this.
  • I learned to knit cables
  • I learned to knit patterned socks, instead of the plain stockinette version. I actually completed a full pair of socks.
  • I learned to knit toe-up socks on two circulars
  • I learned how to avoid stair-step decreases when shaping an armhole or shoulder.
  • I have finally learned how to do a Yarn over, and make pretty lace.
  • I have learned the difference between a left slanting decrease and Make 1, and a right-slanting decrease and Make 1.
  • I learned how to make a bobble.
  • I learned how to do Fair Isle on the round (very loosely)
  • I learned how to do a one-row buttonhole
  • I finally know what Rhinebeck is, and oh what an experience it was!
  • I designed a hat that is superwarm and super gorgeous. (Don't worry, I am stilll working the kinks out of the pattern. I didn't forget about my newfound friends who are itching to cast on!)
  • I learned how to make one-of-a-kind stitch markers to make knitting just a little more fun
I have also found some of my favorite Yarn stores this year, all for different reasons.

  • Knitaway of Brooklyn (Atlantic Avenue) - It is close to the 2 train, and they have a huge selection of needles and notions, and I really like the owner. She is very encouraging.
  • Brooklyn General - The store has moved to a new location that is more than double their original size, and the yarn selection is fabulous.
  • Knit New York - I love the 10% discount after you rack up $200 in purchases. They have a lot of colors of Cascade Magnum, and they have a wall of Malabrigoooooo. Wait.. my heart stopped for a minute.. hehe!! Oh , and their Xocolate Chai Latte is better than anything I have ever tasted at Starbucks.
  • Seaport Yarn - It is walking distance from my job (a recipe for danger), has a room full of sock yarn, and a very huge selection to choose from (Koigu is very reasonably priced). Also, they have knit night on wednesdays, which is very cool.
  • The Pointe - Since they have a new manager, there has been a lot more sales and special classes going on. One day, I will try some. The yarn selection is great in there as well.

The only downfall to this knitting thing is that I have experienced a severe case of "Startitis". Here are two new projects that I started working on in the past few days.

Juno Regina scarf from Knitty.

I am using the Malabrigo Lace (Cactus Flower colorway) that I originally bought for the Secret of the Stole. I have decided to stop fooling myself into believing that I will complete the Secret of the Stole. The secret is out, and I am still on clue #1. I will use the beads in another project, or just make some pretty jewelry with them. This is about 30 rows intothe pattern. Woo, I've got a long way to go.

Bobbled Tunic (#17) from Vogue Knitting Holiday 2006.

I am very excited about this sweater. I have wanted to make it for a whole year, and just got my act together. The Cascade Magnum is a dream to knit with. This is a great learning sweater, as I learned to make bobbles with it. Also, I am getting instant gratification since it is knitting up so fast. I was a little confused because the instructions start off with a K2P2 rib on an odd number of stitches, but I just went with the flow for that last odd stitch. It's gonna get seamed anyway. Here are the sleeves about halfway done.

I want to give special thanks to all of my knitting buddies that I have met in person at Sit N' Knit meetups, at Rhinebeck, at yarn stores, and those who live far away but make my creative juices flow over the internet. This knitting passion of mine would not be complete without you. You have helped me prove that anything is possible, and some of these difficult things can be done step by step, and stitch by stitch. For those that I have the honor of seeing in person from time to time, I love being able to create beautiful memories with you. I love all of the laughter, and just being able to put aside the day to day stresses. Taking it out on two sticks and a piece of string is very heartwarming. And, look at the beautiful things that we are able to create? I would also like to give a special thank you to those who have taught me what good yarn is, and I promise never to buy Red Heart A-Cry-LY-Yuk again. I have been forever transformed into a yarn snob, and I am loving it. We are all one deep in our hearts, because we all have our favorites. That is why me, being the great enabler that I am, will always let you now if I find out about a good sale on some good yarn. Thank you for all of the encouragement.

Goals for 2008

  • Finish all of the sweaters that have been started
  • Finally create a lace accessory and finish it to completion.
  • Design more garments and accessories
  • Make more stitch markers with jewelry to match
  • Buy even more yarn at Rhinebeck. LOL!!!


Kim said...

Happy Blogiversary! You sure learned a lot in 2007. I'm glad to count you as a new friend and I'm looking forward to Rhinebeck 2008! You should also go to Maryland Sheep & Wool in May. I don't like it as much as Rhinebeck, but hey, it's a huge fiber festival so how can you go wrong.

Anonymous said...

It's always cool to look back because I don't think we realize how much we've done & learned 'til we list it. Good for you!

Annie said...

Wow, a lot has happened for you this year! That Juno looks beautiful, I can't wait to see it finished. HAPPY NEW YEAR! Here's to more sitting and knitting!

sophanne said...

Congratulations on a year! It's been great to watch you work. from just another "imaginary" blog friend!

Anonymous said...

Happy anniversary! I'm a new reader who was lured in by the promise of the Mary J Blige hat pattern, but I promise I'll continue reading after it's released. :) A lot of your accomplishments in the past year are the same as mine. My first sweater is the one I feel the most accomplished about, since I can pick up new techniques easily but rarely have the patience to finish something that big!

Harlem Purl said...

Happy Blogiversary!

Deborah said...

Happy Blogiversary! I am very proud of you in all that you have accomplished this year. Here's to alot more FO's in 2008. Look forward to seeing you this week!

Anonymous said...

Happy blogiversary! I'm so impressed with all of your newfound's amazing! I love the hat you've certainly come a long way as a knitter! :)

Virtuous said...

How fitting for your Blogiversary to be around the end of the year!

Isn't it neat to see how much you have learned in a year!

Here is to a wonderful knit year!

Anonymous said...

the startitis is a very real thing!!! you've accomplished so much over the year; congrats! you'll geet your projects finished. all in due time! :-D

Two Cables and a Frapp said...

As usual, I am impressed at all that you do and accomplish !!!

sahara said...

Hey there! Happy New Year to you. Gee, you've had a bang-up year, in terms of learning, and it certainly shown in the sweater and other pieces you've made.

Are you coming to Tribal Spears in Harlem on the 27th to knit? Holla!

hope said...

Happy Belated Blogiversary! I just celebrated mine as well but you have accomplished so much in a year. Congratulations.