Monday, July 9, 2007

I give up!!!! This is crazy

So, I thought it would be so clever to use a yarn from my stash to make my Sidewinders for my knitting meetup group. However, they have become a pain in the neck, and I am about to give up.
I finally learned how to do a skp and a ssp, so that is not where my issue lies. It is always great to learn a new skill. but looks at this picture..... this is supposed to be the slip stitch edge of my sock.
Now, where did my stitches disappear to? I am supposed to have 38 stitches in this portion, and I only have 34. What happened? I am so fed up with this's driving me crazy.

A note to my fellow Meetup participants. I sincerely apologize for this, but I am going to have to back out of this one. I am not emotionally sound enough to handle this pattern, because every time I try to knit I get into a fit of rage, and knitting is supposed to be a relaxing thing. Who ate my stitches.... and why do I feel like I can't see anything with this yarn? I am going nuts, and I have better things to knit with my time. This is the last you will see of this sidewinder. Toe up socks rule in my book!!! This one is going in my NTFO's.... Never to Finish Objects.!!!
Now, I am off to finish my Falling in love sock that I have neglected for a trial at this pattern. I applaud anyone who has made it through the challenge. Epecially Chante, who made it through the pattern in less than 1 week. God has given you a great gift.


Tawana said...

Hey Shameka,

I wouldn't worry about it. I know exactly what your going through. I had to drop out of Sockapalooza becasue my knitting mojo hasn't come back yet, I am also dropping out of Sidewinder Kal because I never got started on it. So I say don't feel bad, as long as its a burden lifted off of you then everything is okay.

Hopefully I will get to meet you one day soon.


Shameka said...

I propose that one day we meet up and have coffee/tea or a lite lunch... anything ... just so we can get our Central Park Hoodies complete. So many people have started after us, and it makes me feel bad that I haven't completed mine yet, and I think if we hold each other accountable it will be beneficial. I seriously have to finish this thing before the sheep and wool festival, because I want to buy yarn to make another one (in pink, of course). Hey... we can always meet in Prospect Park too. It's nice outside!!!

Harlem Purl said...

Awww. I'm just a little sock crazy is all. I'm sure you can still coem to the sidewinder meetup even if you don't have a finished sidewinder. We can rip yours out then so you can use the yarn for something else.

I think you should try the jaywalker pattern next. I'm sure you'll breeze through that.

Maribel said...

WOW .. now I am torn as to whether I want to start this sock, or maybe just use up some old yarn and do the shorter version of it.

Mary Beth said...

Girl, I think your sock looks right. I went to look at the whole thing on nonaKnits and the miter you've made is one side of your heel. It looks like you'll continue over the instep to the other side of your heel to complete. I think it gets grafted up the bottom to the top back of sock, then across the toe. Does that help you "see" where you're going?

Deb's sis,
Mary Beth

Nancy said...

I don't know if I should go near that pattern now!

Kim said...

Wow, what a coincidence that I e-mailed you that I swatched for Sidewinder! I didn't know you were doing this too. I am a bit afraid of this pattern & now even more afraid. I'm going to try it anyway and if I bomb out, Sidewinder will go ot the frog pond!