Friday, July 20, 2007

I Fell Halfway in Love

It has been a while since I posted, but good news. I completed 1 side of my Falling In Love sock today, and in order to prevent Second Sock Syndrome, I immediately casted the second one on.

I almost had a heart attack today, because I bound off, cut a tail in the yarn, then tried on.... and it would not go on. Of course, I bound it off too tightly. So, I then did it all over again, loosely, and it was perfect.

I have to visit the hair salon tomorrow, so that will be about 2 hours of knitting while I wait for my hair to dry. Long plus thick hair is a mixed blessing. I hope that is enough time to get past the heel. We will see.

So, I have been taking some pictures of my stash to get some artwork for a flyer that I am creating. This is the raw, un-photoshopped version.

While doing this, I remembered that there was a specific project that I bought this yarn for. It is from a magazine published in the UK called "Knitting", the March 2006 issue. It was designed by Jean Moss, and I think this sweater is so adorable. It uses Rowan's Cashsoft DK yarn, so I know it will be super soft and supple once it is knit. Here is my swatch being blessed by the angels. OK so, I know my swatch is not the full 4 inches in length, but I figure if I use the specific yarn that the pattern calls for, and the actual needle size, I should be okay. I plan to knit the 34" size. I am not going to be crying about the fit later on, because the yarn is being blessed by the angels. Someone, tell me you have faith along with me. Can I get an AMEN!!!

Here is what the sweater will look like. I substituted some colors, so that I can get a more "pinkish" sweater. There is a sky blue, brown, and red that I have replaced with wine, fuschia, and lilac. I have a pair of pink boots that would match this baby perfectly. You know I am a fashionista at heart.


Deborah said...

AMEN! Thank goodness you finished that sock. When I got your text about it not fitting I almost had a heart attack! I am very proud of you. I can't wait to see both finished socks on your feet!

Mary Beth said...

Congrats on the sock & successful re-bind-off exeperience. I had that happen to me on my first sweater. It will freak out your heart, for sure! So, if you start this new sweater of yours, will it be a dent in your stash? I've been watching your Stash Attack bar & waiting breathlessly to see it move. Keep on plugging along. Can't wait to see the completed project on your feet!

Shameka said...

Mary Beth,
Yes it will be a HUGE dent in my stash. The yarn for this sweater is about 20 skeins of a beautiful cashmere/merino blend. I feel like this will become one of those sweaters that you just want to wear over and over again. Have no fear..movement in the progress bar is near.

Deborah said...

Hmmmmmm this is the sweater you wanted to do as your first sweater! I remember it very clearly. I wanna see the hoodie done first. You are so close.

Kim said...

Amen & halla-f'ing-luyah! Spelled wrong, I know. That sweater will be the bomb! The sock looks so purty and thank goodness you made it with the short tale. Whew!