Wednesday, October 1, 2014

WIP Wednesday - Sweaters, Scarves and Socks

This week, I have made some progress on my Grandpa Cardigan.  I spent a few days dreading picking up the stitches for the sleeve. I decided that this just needs to be done, or else I just have a vest.  I picked up the sleeves, and started working the short rows.  Then, I realized..... this is a pretty cool way of constructing the sleeve.  

Currently, I am at a point of having a few more rows of back and forth wraps and turns.  Then, I start to work the sleeves in the round and extend the length of it.  I am a bit worried about having enough yarn.  I have 1 new skein currently on the sleeve, 1 skein reserved for the next sleeve, and another skein that is about 10% used.  After completing this sleeve, I will decide if I need to order another skein.  I still have to knit the buttonband / collar.  I have heard that it eats up a lot of yarn.  Yikes.  

Here is my progress so far.

I need to finish this sweater by the 18th for Rhinebeck.  I also have a new project that I have started.  A scarf.  I know I'm crazy.  LOL.  And the scarf is slated to be completed by the 18th as well.  The scarf is for a friend who picked the pattern and the yarn.  He requested an ombré colorway, and liked blue and purple.

So, I ordered Schoppel Wolle Reggae Ombré yarn from Jimmy Beans Wool.  I ordered it on Friday, and it arrived at my door on Monday. Woohoo!!!  

I started knitting last night, and completed about 10 inches. 

The intended recipient loves it.  However, we decided to order more skeins of yarn.  Initially, I ordered 4 skeins, for a scarf that is 8 x 70 inches.  My gauge is a little tight, and I decided to make the scarf 9 inches wide in order to make the scarf warmer.  I refuse to knit a skinny scarf for a man.  He is also a few inches over 6 feet tall, which means the minimum should be 70 inches.  5 skeins should bring me to 69 inches at this gauge, but 6 skeins creates a scarf about 82 inches in length.  I think that will be perfect.  And, now I have free shipping from JBW, so that's even better.

Speaking of shipping from yarn companies..... The Loopy Ewe is awesome.  I ordered this yarn on Saturday morning, and it got delivered on Monday.  Whoa!!!  
I have been having an obsession with self striping sock yarn, and I just had to get my hands on some.  I went to the Loopy Ewe website, and realized that I had a credit for $15.  Woohoo!!!!  

I ordered Biscotte & Cie Felix self striping yarn in Gazania B.  Bright pink, yellow, and purple.  I can't wait to see how it knits up. I plan on doing toe up socks with and afterthought heel.  Socktober, here I come.  

I also received some Knitter's Pride sock needles from my Jimmy Beans Wool order.  I'm so happy with my needles.

Startitis is tempting me to cast on, but I really need to finish this sweater. 


elns said...

I am happy to have found your blog from Deborah K! Your projects look wonderful. I am a fan of ombre yarn as well as self striping. I am totally admitting to googling that self striping yarn when I'm done with this comment. Happy Knitting. :)

Shameka said...

elns, Thank you so much for checking out my blog. Isn't that Ombre fantastic? I bought more skeins in another color. You should definitely buy the self striping before it sells out.