Monday, October 27, 2014

Socktober Sundays - Sock Needle Woes

Sorry for being a day late.  Yesterday was hectic. I am blaming the fact that I don't have a completed sock yet on my needles.  

I was happily knitting on my sock with my Knitter's Pride size 1 (2.25mm) sock needles, after I realized that size 1.5 (2.5mm) was too big. then the yarn stopped gliding.  It actually got snagged by the needle.  I was devastated.  I'm sure I just received a bad batch, and Jimmy Beans Wool has a great broken sock needle replacement program.  So, i just have to actually send the thing.  But the worst part is......waiting.  

So, my impatient self bought a pair of bamboo needles as a quick fix to keep my sock mojo going.  There is a notions store a few blocks from my job that sells these.  They are a quick fix when I am pressed for time and can't make it to Purl Soho or Knitty City. 

I made some progress during my commute.  Enough to try them on at work.  Haha.

However, I didn't realize until after the fact that these needles were 7 inches, and my original needles were 5.  I felt like I was going to poke my eye out.  

Then someone in my knitting group asked what we thought about 9 inch circulars.  Ding ding ding!!!  I had a pair at home for years, and never used them.  It turns out that they were the size I needed.  

So, I transferred them to my project on Saturday morning.  

I took the train to 34th Street and back, to spend some time with my best friend, having lunch and shopping. 

Here is my progress when I got back.  Notice how the sock on the left fits perfectly, and the sock on the right is just a little too loose.  So, I need to do that one over. 

Time to insert the afterthought rip cord.

And this is where my sock stands as of now.  I am contemplating how I will do the heel.  
So, I decided that the heel will come from the outside of the second ball.  I will start with the pink section, and continue until it is done.  Once that is complete, I will know where to cut the yarn from this skein for the next afterthought heel.  Then, I can measure and finally get the yardage count that I have been so desperately looking for.  And hopefully, I will have perfectly matching socks that use up all of my yarn.   

My take on the 9 inch circulars.....I feel like I am knitting with my fingertips.  I have to hold the needles a bit differently.  I could be knitpicky and complain about it, or be happy with all this progress I made.  I choose to be happy.  I do have my eyes on a pair of 32" Chiaogoo circulars for future projects though. But i'm not rushing to get to the store to buy them today.  

I may not finish my knitting in time for Socktober, but Operation Sock Drawer is still underway.  These socks will not be made in vain.  

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Two Cables and a Frapp said...

Great looking socks Shameka ! Luvin' the colorway. I have yet to try toe up. I'm just stubborn I guess.