Tuesday, September 20, 2011

15 Weeks

I have made some progress on my Textured Circle Shrug.  I finished the 10, 988 stitches, and increased into the second third of the collar/body section.

I must say, this easy knitting is keeping me happy.  It has lasted through episodes of Project Runway, Hell's Kitchen, and The F Word.  I am now off to continue knitting while watching Dancing With the Stars. 

So, as for my plans from last week. 
  • I made great progress on my shrug, which I am so proud of.
  • I didn't touch my Interlocking Cables sweater.  I am still mad about the mistake.  I will tackle that this coming weekend. 
  • I haven't swatched for Dahlia yet
  • I still have to find a buckle  for the Mod Podge belt.
This week the plan is to finish my shrug.  Anything beyond that will be a bonus.  Fully glammed out model pictures coming soon, I promise. 

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