Saturday, January 1, 2011

Welcome 2011! Happy New Year!

I wouldn't say that I have any resolutions to make.  But, I will say that I have a few goals.
1. Knit More  - Last year I embarked on a 10 in 2010 mission, and didn't complete it.  I partied the summer away, and turned my nose up at my needles.  I tried to knit with full steam at the end of the year, only to become engrossed in some serious holiday cooking and baking that didn't allow for my hands to get tangled in yarn.  I am still happy though, and you have seen the rum cake that proved it.  My family is happy, and well fed.  Now, if my head can just be happy with me finishing that incomplete hat.  Sigh....

2. Study More for my GRE.  I need to ace this test in order to go to the school that I want to go to.  So, basically I have to re-learn middle school math.  (What do you mean they are not testing us on indefinate integrals... awww man!) Well, it's a good thing that knitting actually enables your mind to take in more information.  I am going to need it.  They changed the GRE to a new format that actually allows for more analytical thinking.  Hmmm that is right up my alley.

3.  Replace store bought sweaters with knitted sweaters. I have a bunch that have lived past their lifetime.  It is time to get the things that I am not using out of the closet, so that I can make room for nicer things.  Now, let's refer to #1 for again.  I have a ton of yarn that is all skeined up, and I would like to move it from the yarn cabinet to the actual clothing cabinet.  Most of the time, people ask if I made what I am wearing.  I want to say "Yes" all of the time. 

4.  Knit for 11 in 2011.  I know I didn't finish the 2010 challenge, but I can still strive for the 2011 one with a new strategy. 

OK, that's about it for now.

I leave you with the current progress of Vaila, that I casted on January 2, 2010.  Let's see if I can finish it by January 2, 2011.  Haha!  I'm so close. 

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Nik said...

Don't tell anybody I said this, but I think you did a good thing with partying your summer away instead of knitting. LOL.