Sunday, October 31, 2010

Weekend Plans for 10 in 2010.... FOILED!

So, I set out to have a calm, relaxing weekend at home.  I though that I would get a lot of knitting done.  My intent was to work on my Through the Loops Mystery Sock while I was traveling home from work on Friday, finish the earflaps of my Chullo hat on Saturday, and perform the surgery required to complete the hat.  I also wanted to work on my Interlocking Cables sweater on Sunday, and just see how far I could get (no pressure).  All of these projects are 10 in 2010 projects.

Currently, the sock is at the heel flap stage.  The last clue for the toe was distributed on Friday.  I don't have a serious problem with the sock.  It's just that row 11 of the pattern is a cable row, and I hate cabling socks because the yarn and needles are so tiny.  So, I would get into a good groove on my travels to and from work, and then reach the cable row. Ugh!  It's really hard to do that on a moving bus.  I am also afraid that I will drop my cable needle and lose it forever on the bus. 

My Chullo hat is at a stage where the crown decreases have started.  It has gotten to the point where I need to switch to double pointed needles. 

However, those DPN's are being used to recreate the ear flaps, because I don't like the ones that I have attached.  So, I forsee an earflap surgery in the near future.  I will remove the existing earflaps, leave live stitches on the hat, and kitchener the new earflaps to the hat.  But first, the new earflaps have to be made.  I decided to double knit them, and use an alternate pattern so that my hat isn't too much of an alpaca parade.  Here is a picture of the beginning of my double knitting work. 

The most troubling/annoying thing about the earflaps was that I needed to do increases in the double knit project.  I have yet to find a youtube video that explains how to do this effectively.  I have found pictures, but they just confuse me.  Somehow it all managed to click when I realized that you have to increase on both the main side and reverse side.  After that discovery, the knitting part was a piece of cake...until I got sleepy.

My Interlocking Cables Sweater is at the point where I am increasing for the chest/bust area.  This sweater is full of exquisite cables, and just CANNOT be done on the bus/train because it has gotten to a point where it is just too big to carry.  I'm not afraid to lose my cable needle, because it is a size 7 DPN, and I have made it thus far without a problem.  I was hoping to have at least separated the front from the back. 
Here is a picture of the sweater before I go to the bust increase section.

My 10 in 2010 knitting "flow" had gotten interrupted by a special request for a baby sweater/hat set for the neighbor's soon-to-be-here child.  The baby shower is this coming Saturday, so I have to move fast.  I don't know the gender of the baby, so that made it a bit difficult in choosing the right colors from my stash.  Then a lightbulb went on.  I realized that the mother-to-be's favorite color is orange.  So, I pulled out some Berroco Comfort that I received in a swap and casted on.  Here is the sweater. 

So, what really happened this weekend was.... I got invited to an awesome Halloween party.  I went shopping for a costume on Friday (after working 2 hours extra), and was just too tired to knit on the bus ride home.  Saturday, I spent the day with my grandfather, then went to Target for some last minute make-up to start getting ready for my halloween party.  The makeup took forever to do, but in the end it was totally awesome.  I got to the party just before the bewitching hour of 1AM when they started charging an entrance fee.  I saw a lot of old friends and made some new ones that I would love to party with again. 

Here is my costume. 

Sunday, like a true Vampire, I slept through most of the sunlight hours.  I woke up in time to cook dinner for my mom, then flat ironed my hair because the HOT party made it curl up after it was so nicely done.  After the hair fiasco I decided to write a blog post.  Too tired to knit, so I will be working on that baby sweater on the bus tomorrow.  I hope everyone had a happy, safe, and enjoyable Halloween. I'm excited to buy 50% off candy tomorrow. 


craftivore said...

You were an AWESOME vampire chick! Ready for your casting call for True Blood. Ear flap surgery, hee hee, love that term. The cables on your pink sweater are to die for.

Yarny Days said...

What a great costume!