Tuesday, November 10, 2009

NaKniSweMonday - Chapter 2

So, I was happily knitting along on my sweater, when I started to run into some issues.  The stitch pattern in itself is very easy.  So I wondered how could I be having so much issues.  It all started when I was at knitting group.  I had 1 extra stitch, and I managed to K3tog to hide the small error.  The stitch pattern still looked good, so I just carried on.  I then got to the decreasing for the waist shaping.  By the time I got to the second decrease row, my stitch count was ALL off. I just wanted to cry.  So I figured that  I would just rip it out, and go down a needle size or two and keep the regular stitch pattern the same.  However, I decided to just email the designer anyway in hopes that she would get back to me soon.

Amy Herzog is such a sweetheart.  She initially emailed me to let me know that she received the message, and would answer it later on in the weekend because she was traveling.  The next email was a step by step explanation of the decreases.  So after I got the explanation, I realized what my issue was.  I missed a yarnover.  Ugh!  Why do I keep doing that???

So here is my progress, right before the waist shaping decreases (since I had to rip them back).  I have completed 5,880 stitches.

So, while I was perusing through Ravelry, I found another event called Vestvember. Participants finish a vest during the month of November.  I have not fully committed to this event just yet.  But let's say I hypothetically have enough knitting time to finish a sweater and a vest this month.  I would choose Sexy Vesty.  It is soooo cute!

Just an FYI.. the other projects have been put on hold.  I love the February Fitted Pullover so much that I have been monogamous.  OK, enough talking.  I've got waist decreases to get back to.

Happy Knitting!


Sharon V said...

Sexy Vesty is pretty darn cute, but I think one project at a time is a good idea too.

Still, don't you find it hard to be faithful?

Deborah said...

You know me. I think you should stay one with the pullover. Take too much on and you may not get either done in November. Wouldn't you rather just stay with one, finish and be proud? I know I would. Good luck darlin!

craftivore said...

I had a lot of trouble with the lace pattern when I was doing Feb Lady too, you really have to stay on top of it. It seems easy, but... Glad you got it figured out! It will be gawgous when done. I just made a cowl out of pink/red Malabrigo Chunky and it made me think of you.

luciablanchet said...

Hi, total stranger here, but I was wondering if you'd mind passing along these "step by step" instructions for the waist decreases you got from the designer? I'm a bit flummoxed by it and somehow through the magic of google/ravelry I found myself here.