Friday, May 8, 2009

Mystery Sock Madness

I am officially out of the Sock Madness competition, and I must say that is was an eye-opening experience. I learned many valueable lessons.
On Sock #1, I leared how to do an afterthought heel.
On Sock #2, I learned how to do Fair Isle colorwork.
On Sock #3, I learned how to cable without a cable needle on 2.25mm needles.
On sock #4, I learned the importance of loving the yarn that you use for a project.

So, while knitting my Ishbel Shawl as therapy, I decided to peruse Ravelry and came across The Mystery Sock from The Knitter's Brewing Company. Mystery Sock KAL details can be found HERE! I couldn't resist. I casted on on May 5th. The second portion of the pattern was released on the 5th, so I figured I wasn't too far behind, and with all that Sock Madness bootcamp training, it would be a piece of cake. Yeah, right!!!

Problems have arised, but I am determined to work through it.
First of all, the sock has 99 beads attached on each foot. So, I sorted through my bead collection to find some beads that were supposed to be part of the "Secret of the Stole" KAL from eons ago. So, I got the pretty beads, and matched it up with some stash yarn. Lo and behold, I find some Socks that Rock mediumweight in Cobalt Bloom. Yippee!! It is a harmonious blend of tans, purples, and pinks. The beads are pinkish and have a pearlescent tan shimmer, so it is perfect. Or, so I thought.

I rush to cast on, and grab a needle that I thought was a size 0. It turns out that it was a size 1. However the pattern calls for a size 1 needle....I keep reading.. the sock is 66 stitches. Well, I used a 0 on my sock madness #1 sock, and it worked out fine with my Socks that Rock. OK... cast on. (At this point, I still don't realize that I am using a size 1 needle).

26 rows later, a row away from the end of clue #1, I decide to try on the sock. It is way too big and I am astonished. So, I check my needle stash again. Duh!!! I finally find the size 0 for real this time. RIIIIPPPPP!!!! Cast on again.

So, I am happily on to Clue #2 today, and I figure that since I have a longer length of the sock, that it is worth giving it a try. Here are my results.

Not quite the fit I wanted, and the yarn feels very stiff. I double check the gauge. I get 9 sts per inch. The pattern calls for 36 sts/4 inches. Ummmm.. last time I checked 36 divided by 4 is 9. What is going on? So, I feel like I am about to cry, and wonder if I have any MMMMMMalabrigo sock yarn that will do the trick, since it is really soft, and thinner than the STR Mediumweight. Then I remember.... tadaa!!!.... I have some Archangel that has been sitting in my stash.

I hold the beads up to it, and look at how lovely it glistens.
So, I am about to embark on another casting on journey. Since the pattern calls for 66 stitches, and there are holes and lace, I have decided to use my size 0 AGAIN!!! Three times better be the charm. The 3rd clue comes out on Saturday. Eek!!

On a better note, I recently received a yarn order from WEBS. When I went to the actual store a few weeks ago, I took a pair of shoes with me to match up to any worsted weight I could find. I got the exact color in Madelinetosh's Worsted. The colorway is called Norway Spruce. I am thinking that this will be a Francis Revisited, and the leftover yarn will make a shawl. Possibly, a Springtime Bandit, unless I fall in love with another pattern. I need to have two options to wear my pretty shoes. Sadly, the store didn't have 8 skeins in the showroom, so they made a special order for me. I am so happy. My sock blues are a thing of the past.

On to some more fun news.......Yesterday I attended the Veet Spray On Sioree Summer Kick-Off event. I decided to enjoy a little facepaint since Veet's slogan is "What beauty feels like". Here is a picture. Of course, you know they had to decorate the place pink to match my personality. I loved it!!


Virtuous said...

*Whew* 3x WILL be the charm! ;o)

And you know I had to que that bandit!

That yarn is a perfect match and a great color! Luvs it!!

craftivore said...

Ooh, short and curly, I love it. This sock knit a long has been quite a journey hasn't it?

chicagopurl said...

Cute socks and cute pick! I'm going to come out there and visit and we are going to have to go shopping for sure; you always find cute stuff!

Sahara said...

I'm lovin' your hair! WHERE did you get your loafers? I'm on a loafer thing right now. I can only imagine how your outfit and loafers will look, the color is slammin'!

I'm coming out to Brooklyn to knit with you! Say when!