Friday, March 20, 2009

Skinny Ankles and the Trouble They Cause

I decided to change the yarn that I intended to use for my sock madness sock. I apologize to those of you that loved the Koigu. I promise I will use it on a sock that will do it more justice. I felt that a darker color would make the pattern look a little nicer. The name of the pattern is Tropical Mer-tini, which made me think of Mermaids and the deep blue-green sea. Hmmm... maybe my thoughts are still in Trinidad, who knows? This pattern is a knit/purl combo that is full of texure. I decided to use my Socks that Rock Rare Gems that I bought at Rhinebeck.

So, here is my progress so far.

This pattern has a few new techniques that I have to learn in order to be successful.
The first, is the German Twisted Cast-On. I Love it. It makes your sock cuff very stretchy. I found a Video of it on YouTube that was very helpful.

The second technique is the Afterthought heel. I ave never tackled this before, but the designer of the pattern has some clear photographs on Flickr, so the technique looks like it can be done without me having to pull my hair out.
So, I was busy working on my cuff today, and I thought to myself, let me try these on. I knew that if they were too big that I would be in trouble, because my mom doesn't even like this color yarn, so I couldn't even gift it to her. So, I decided that anything I make in this competition will be MINE!!!! I tried it on and guess what????

It's too freakin' big. Aaarrgghh!!! Now, I have to do this all over.... (tears). This is supposed to be a competition. God, why did you bless me with skinny ankles???


Ice Princess said...

Chin up at least you didn't knit half of each sock then realise their where to big :O( better early than never.

gold said...

Good thing you found out before you had finish.I like the color of that yarn it going to look nice when you finish.

craftivore said...

I like the deep blue color, very nice. Believe me, thick ankles have their own host of horrible problems too.

Mary Beth said...

Love that yarn color!!! I also use the German Twisted cast on for every sock I make. It's stretchy & bounces back to perfection. Sorry about the frogging & redoing.