Wednesday, August 13, 2008

My knitting Weekend/early week

This past Saturday was the SisterFriends Harlem Knittaque in St. Nicholas park. We had a blast. However, I don't remember getting much knitting done, because I was STUFFING MY FACE SO MUCH!!! Ian, those ribs were soooooo delicious.

Honestly, I did try to knit... for real. See?? This is where I left off Saturday Night.
Then the unthinkable happened. I found two sections of the crossed rib that were not crossed. I got so upset that I ripped it out. After casting on again about 3 times later, I finally got it crossed perfectly. Then, I felt the fabric, and figured that it felt way too loose. So I ripped it cast on with a size 7 needle. This is totally not good. This is like the US gymnast whose only event was the uneven bars because of her ankle injury, and she fell off. How am I supposed to finish this sweater???

The next day, I went to the Flatbush SNB, and I made progress. Maybe it happened because I didn't have that grill tempting me every 2 seconds, or the fact that I had a nice Chocolate Chai latte, or the fact that KJ was sitting across from me and just smiling with her sweet face. Who knows, but in either case.... I made some progress, and have progressed to the Raglan shaping portion of the pattern.

Here are some more pics from the weekend.

Chante showing off her shrug.
I get some sweetface time.
Happy Mommy (Tawana) gets in some knitting time.KJ getting some Pinkberry time. Yes, we are getting her addicted from an early age. 6 months and already a pinkberry fiend.

Here is my Ravelympics Progress as of today.

Sweater Sprint - and yes, I did make myself a pair of Ravelympics 2008 Stitch Markers

Sock Put
I know, I know. I've got a long way to go.


sophanne said...

Michael Phelps regularly starts slower and pulls it out at the end. Maybe you'll do the same. Maybe though frogging and "pulling it out at the end" are the same thing and to win the Ravelympics, you really have to frog everything you make by the end of the Olympics.

Just so you know- everytime you post your picture I think "she is completely stunningly beautiful."

Deborah said...

I thought it was SistaFriends? LOL Sounds like it was a great time. You know I am rooting for ya in the Ravelympics. I'm probably cheering the loudest because I want to see you succeed. Even though you got off to a rocky start, hopefully everything will be smooth sailing. Good luck my dear!

Kelli Simone said...

I am rooting for your Olympic events. Looking forward to seeing you on the medal stand.

I like your haircut. ~ksp

Kim said...

No surprise you haven't progressed further with all that fun knit-gatherings you're going too. I'm hungry now looking at those ribs. YOu keep going for the gold girlie!

chicagopurl said...

Hey chica, Did you cut your hair??? It's cute either way! I'm trying to get a hold of you - I have a belated b-day gift to send you woman! Make sure you email me!

Jeanine said...

Yeah.. I don't recall you mentioning the haircut. Looks good. Is that Wicked? Good luck on the Ravelympics!!!

Scheherazaad said...

I wish I could have been at the knittaque this year. I saw a photo of you icing red velvet cupcakes. That alone would have been worth crossing the border. We don't have those here in Canada. Good luck on your Ravelympics events!

CarrieM said...

Oh my heavens KJ is such a cutie patootie!

Nice doo! It's a good cut for you...

urbanknitrix said...

Go Shameka!!! It's not how you start, it's how you finish. Your doing great.

nicolina said...

oh you'll get those socks done in no time. and the hair - i love! it's like everyone is changing theirs. (see tina's.)