Saturday, August 23, 2008

Marathon knitting!!!

With a little less than 26 hours left before closing ceremonies, I am putting in all my effort. My pointer finger is sore from the jabbing of my left knitting needle. However, I think Nastia Liukin and Shawn Johnson may have been sore a few times, and that didn't stop them from winning medals!!

Here is my progress so far.

Sweater Sprint - Wicked Sweater
In Trinidad, we have a saying that goes "No rest for the wicked". I stayed up until about 4 AM working on this. The only reason I stopped was because I fell asleep with it in my hands. Yesterday morning, I was still working on the yoke, and now I am up to the waist shaping decreases. I have to continue down until the body reaches 11 inches from the underarm before I work the edging. I am already past the 4 inch mark, so I really feel good about this one. I still have faith that I can do it.


Sock Put - Toe Up Socks
I have about 5 inches left before I get to the cuff. This yarn is not as soft as the yarn that I am using on the sweater, so it is not as nice to knit with. I will save this for last. I should have known better and used some prettier yarn. However, I bought this Lion Brand Magic Stripe yarn in my early days of knitting, and I am stashbusting before Rhinebeck.

So I am planning to meet Tawana and KJ for lunch and knitting in the park. We will see how that plays out.

OK, enough of this typing. My sweater needs me. Happy Knitting everyone!!!

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Kelli Simone said...

I am still rooting for you (especially with the Lion Brand yarn). ~ksp