Sunday, March 23, 2008

More Cotton Candy!!!

I recently looked at the stash that is taking up space on my clothes closet, and it is overflowing. I can't even contain all of the yarn in the cubbyholes that I built. Yes, the yarn from my last yarn crawl does not have a real home.... sad to say. So, I decided to do some projects to de-stash. I started with this A-line dress for a baby girl. The yarn is Jaeger Baby Merino DK in the color "Yoyo". So, far it looks like 2 skeins will complete the 12-month size of the dress. The pattern is from "Knits, Knots, Buttons and Bows: Projects for Babies", by Lynda Schar. I got the book from . The site is sponsored by different companies who pay for publishing rights, so you can download the books to PDF free of charge. However, please remember that unauthorized duplication of the PDF is illegal.

Anyways... back to the knitty gritty... Here is the dress with the front complete. I was supposed to do a scalloped edge on the bottom of the dress, but I didn't so of course it started to roll. I plan to do an I-cord edging to get it to lay flat. Although it is tedius, the results are gorgeous, as you can see in my vest from the previous post.
I also made some progress on a crochet project for Deborah. At this point, I have 1 more row of increases to do before working the length of the hat from the crown. It is coming along very nicely, and quickly. My only slight problem is the fact that the yarn is a bit more slippery that I am used to, since it is fingering weight alpaca. But, I have managed to figure out how to crochet without having the yarn split on me. Cherry Tree Hill Glitter Alpaca still gets brownie points in my book. It is super-duper soft.


Virtuous said...

Gurl my yarn is starting to take over everywhere too!!

Harlem Purl said...

Get to work on that stash girl!!!!

Kim said...

You bust that stash. Whenever the yarn threatens to overlfow form one storage area, I just start putting yarn in another storage area. Ther is yarn all over the place in my house (most of it cleverly hidden)

Deborah said...

I am not going to comment on the stash situation. You can read my mind. The A line dress looks awesome. I like the idea for the icord around the bottom. Mmmmm my hat looks great. Can't wait to have it on my head.