Monday, December 17, 2007

Holiday Parties Rock!!! (Picture heavy post)

I had so much fun at the Sit N Knit Holiday party. Here are a few highlights.

Here is Penelope, organizing the raffle, and takin' care of business.

Chante and Judy were helping to organize the raffle and gift exchange entries as well.

Tina, of Interweave's Central Park Hoodie fame is seen here knitting a sock.Here is Tawana and Tomo, causing knitting trouble in the corner of the room. The martini on the table is mine. Tawana was filling up on herbal tea, so the little one can be happy.
Chante and I. Chante created a drop spindle kit that was raffled off later on that night.
Gift Exchange
Here is the gift that I received from Judy (behind me in the black sweater). The scarf is super-duper soft. I love it.
My foliage hat gift went to Maria. Would you believe someone tried to buy it from her that night? People, it is a free pattern on Knitty. We all have the power to knit. She absolutely loved the hat, and together, they make a supercute pair.
Jane received this purple hat that incorporated the butterfly stitch in it. I almost made this hat. How cool is it that it matches her sweater perfectly??
Tawana recieved fingerless mittens from Jane. The colorway looks like one I have seen on SWS yarn.
Penelope recieved Tawana's gift of Thrummed Mittens. Everyone was going crazy over them. I'm so jealous, I am going to have to make my own.
Hope recieved a cute little bag with a sewn and finished inner lining.
And since she's hiding, here is a picture of her, full of excitement after winning the raffle. Noro sock yarn. oooohhhh... aaaaahhhhh!!! I'm putting that on my christmas list.

Meet my new friend Martha, who was sitting across from me. We share a love for thrummed mittens. She won a tape measure from one of the raffles. We had a really lucky corner that evening.
Tawana won some laceweight yarn as well.

Well, I did manage to finish that baby hat. I am thinking about sucking it up, doing the math, and creating an adult version for me. That is of course, after I finish my Mary J. Blige hat that I am swatching for.

And, to my surprise.... today at work, Deborah gave me my Christmas gift early -a hat and ruffle scarf set, along with some great homemade cookies. Good thing I didn't wait until Christmas to open it up!! I am so greedy that I ate them all already..hehe!!! Deborah will recieve a very special gift, because so much love went into her present. Thank you so much Deborah!!

Whew!!! I am overwhelmed with excitement. I am just reflecting on my knitting experiences this past year. I used to be so afraid of the Purl stitch, and now I am super-confident that I can face any challenging pattern. I have met such wonderful friends through this blog universe, and I just thank everyone so much for leaving comments as time has progressed. I am so happy that I have friends that I can call on a whim to visit a yarn store or knitting event. It really means a lot to me to be able to open up to you about my crazy and funny life experiences. Happy holidays to everyone!!!


Annie said...

I'm so glad you had such a great time! You are a great asset to the group. Thanks for adding to the fun and merriment! Hooray for knitting!

Kim said...

What a blast you had! Great gifts all around. I love the gifties you got at the party and from Deborah. I'm guessing that Noro sock yarn color is 195 (I knit a sweater from that color). I've been feeling the same gratefulness and happiness at meeting so many new knit-people this year and making some knit-friends too. Hope to see you on Wed!

Nancy said...

Happy holidays to you too!

Looks like fun was had by all. Sorry I missed it!

nicolina said...

wonderful pics! and i'm gonna now make the foliage hat since it is knitterific! hopefully next time we can have more face time :-)

Virtuous said...

Look like you had a TON of fun!

Everyone's gifts looked great! And nice job on Foliage. I love your line on "everyone has the power to knit"

Tell me: How big is your knit group?? How is it organized?
The one I am in is getting bigger and would love to hear about others.
How did you all organize the holiday party??

Please e-mail me at:

Any info you can give would be so helpful! :o) Thx!

sahara said...

Oh wow. Do you know I paid for this event, and couldn't go, as Mr. K scheduled the time to get a Christmas tree and wreath from the garden center? It was the only time he could do it. We've both been drowned in work, until today. Shucks.

I miss you all, and am glad y'all had a marvelous time. Can we have a knitogether at my home in the New Year? Mr. K owes me.

Anonymous said...

y'all look like you had SO MUCH fun!!! lots of handknit gifts. cute pics. ROFL @ people trying to buy your hat. sometimes, it's easier to just pay for it, LOL!!! especially when someone else has done such a great job! love that color!!!