Friday, October 19, 2007

Picture Update!!!

Hi Y'all. I finally got a new Camera, so I decided to test it out on what else?? My knitting, of course!!
First project up...Central Park Hoodie #1.
The seaming has left a lot to be desired. My ribs are lopsided, and I am totally not happy. I have until saturday morning to get this thing perfect and I am going nuts.Wacky sleeve, already attached to the wacky shoulder, which is even worse. The middle is not centered along the shoulder seam.

And here is my sorry side seam.

I redeemed myself with the other sleeve.
Now I just have to frog the bad seams and do them over.

Central Park Hoodie#2
To make myself feel better, here is the CPH for the second time around. I think the color variation is wonderful. It is done all in one piece, which is making this baby fly off of those needles. I have a little more than 8 inches here.

Here is my progress on the Secret Stole. Clue #3 comes out today, and I am still on Clue #1. I have about 20 more rows to go in order to be finished. I really didn't want to fall behind, but it is so hard to find quiet time to knit lace. The CPH is "mindless" knitting since I am so used to the pattern, and don't really have to rely on a chart. But, I am not giving up. My Secret stole will be complete in time for the last hint!!!


sophanne said...

Congrats on the camera! Did you seam sleaves before attaching them to the shoulder? I did it the other way around.

Deborah said...

Seaming is frustrating and takes time and practice. Make sure you are doing it in really good light. I love the coloring for CPH #2. I'm so glad I got to see it in person yesterday. Don't fret about getting behind on the stole. You are taking on alot of knitting and you don't have to be the first one to finish. Have a great weekend at Rhinebeck!!!

Kim said...

Everything looks beautiful! Seaming is a huge pain in the buttocks! You'll have it done in time for tomorrow and there will be plenty of help around to boot. Just going banging on hotel doors and yell "Knitting Emergency!" See you at Rhinebeck!!! BTW congrats on the new camera!

Harlem Purl said...

Yay, now you can take lotsa pictures at Rhinebeck this weekend. See you there.

Anonymous said...