Tuesday, August 14, 2007

What a wonderful Knitta-Que weekend!!

Firstly, I must say that the Sisterfriends Knitta-Que was amazing. I had so much fun. I want to personally thank Chante and Sahara for planning it and making it possible. I also want to thank them for the lovely gift I recieved for helping out with the flyer. Sahara had a grab bag of goodies, and I picked this book, mainly because I have this sweater obsession now.

Here is a picture of Sahara working on a beautiful lace piece.

Here is a picture of Chante happily spinning. Yes the wheel really was moving that fast, and the camera caught a glimpse of it.

Also, here is Chante's coworker Kim, working on a pair of socks. She made the best carrot cake ever, and even though the cream cheese frosting splattered on me as I was trying to get it out of the pan, it was not a big deal becaue it was so sweet and scrumptious.

Here is Tawana, a fellow Brooklynite who has been my friend through this blogworld for a few months now.

This was the first time that we got a chance to meet face to face, and I am so happy. We are actually working on the Central Park Hoodie at the same time. I am persistently trying to get her to change her mind about putting it in hibernation, but she has this pretty little thing called a baby growing inside of her that is making it difficult. She is working on a little pair of Koigu socks in the picture, and I am sure she has so much more ideas for cute baby sweaters. Hey, how about a mini Central Park Hoodie so baby can look like mommy??? It will still be sweater weather when the baby comes along. I know, I won't give up!!

Also, in attendance was N'joya from the Harlem Knitting Circle. She was a joy to talk to as always. I am really feeling the color scheme that she has going on. Okay, my next project will be a size 15 needle project, because I am getting super jealous. LOL!!!

Speaking of projects, here is the update on my Snuggle Sweater.

Only 1 and a half more pattern repeats to go before I start the armhole decreases. This project is going by really fast. The pattern changes colors really quickly, so I am not getting bored. One even better thing is that the pattern comes from Knitting magazine (British) from March of 2006, and many knitters in the US have never even heard of it. This means that I will have a one of a kind sweater this winter... FINALLY!!! By the way, I touched a marked down designer cashmere sweater in Daffy's today, and it elt like Brillo compared to my Snuggle sweater. My goodness, and I didn't even block it with my lavender scented woolwash yet. I think I may get arrested by the fashion police for wearing this sweater too much. Rowan RYC/Cashmerino DK rocks!!!


Deborah said...

The BBQ looked like alot of fun. Sorry I missed it. Seems like I'm missing alot of things these days. LOL Your Snuggle sweater looks awesome. I love love love the colors!!!! I just hope CPH is done before your Snuggle. Don't let that blocking and all the pickups keep ya from it. I found out this past week that it's easier to just do it. I know you will. Very proud of you.

Nancy said...

Sorry I couldn't make it to the BBQ. The colors in that sweater are amazing. I love the way they work together!

Kim said...

The BBQ looked like so much fun! Everyone was working on such great projects & you gotta love it when people bring along their spinning wheels! Snuggle is looking awesome!!! I do the same thing in stores and kinda like touching sweaters, saying ick, and knowing I could knit one that's way way better.