Thursday, August 9, 2007

What a day! What a day!!

Okay. So I have many names for today..."Transit Hell".."Stupidity Unfolding".. "A tree gets plucked out of the ground by a Giant in Brooklyn"..

First...My transit ordeal.

I was supposed to take the Express Bus going into Downtown Manhattan, get dropped off near Battery Park, and walk to work within 5 minutes, log in to my computer, go to the Cafeteria for some coffee and a bagel, and then mosy on up to my desk and start to appease the bankers so that they can effectively make money for our company. WRONG!!!!!

I got to the bus stop, and was informed by two ladies that the bus I was supposed to be on just left.. actually two of them back to back. So I was pissed at a level of 4. Then, four buses came..Two midtown, and 2 running express to Downtown Brooklyn. I was pissed at a level of 6 by this point. I was advised that the 2 and 3 trains were not running, so taking the train was pointless. All of the midtown buses were packed, so I waited for the Downtown Brooklyn bus that was empty, and hopped on, hoping that I would transfer to a Downtown Manhattan bus at the checkpoint. So, we get to checkpoint and there is a mob of people. I call my cousin who goes online and informs me that even more trains are shut down, and I should just get to the bridge and walk to work from there...which would have probably been a 30-45 minute walk.

So, I figured, if I am going to walk, and stay away from the mob, I should get some food. I went into a breakfast deli place only for the sweet man working there to tell me that there was no meat whatsoever, so I could not have my egg sandwich with turkey bacon, or bacon, or anything else. The stove wan't even turned on, so I left. I was pissed to a point of 8 by this time.

A downtown bus appeared to the rescue and had room for about 5 people, standing room only. I jumped on with the speed of a gazelle. The bus started to move towards the Prospect Expressway, and that is when I saw this:

I was on a total state of shock. The jolly green giant that pulled it up damaged some really nice cars too, but the bus was going so fast that I didn't get a pic.

So, as I am riding on the bus, and I see other buses packed with other people, I saw the "Stupidity unfolding". There was a woman actually sitting in the stairwell of the bus, while we were on the highway. Hello??? Do you want to fall out and watch your skull crack open? What do you think the "no standing in front of white line" is for? So, I guess acts of God causes the MTA to shut down, and people to forget all about safety. Then, about 2 seconds later, I see some men riding in a blue van, with no rear passenger seats, with the rear door and the passenger door OPEN. Hmm... free A/C anyone??? Another potential skull-cracking incident.

On to the knitting, now!!!
Today was Stitch N Pitch, so I decided to begin a new pattern that was an easy stitch (Stockinette) for the purpose of mindless knitting while watching the game. I am starting my Snuggle Sweater. Here is the prepwork:

And since my office was a Ghost town, here is a progression of my work.

11:00 AM

5:00PMAfter Stitch N Pitch

I must say, that this yarn is quite lovely. It is extremely soft, and the pattern has just enough color changes to keep me interested.
So, I pose a question.
- The rows are even numbered, until I get to one specific color that calls for 3 rows. So, all the yarn is carried to the right on the "Right Side" of my work. So, do I (Gasp!) cut the yarn that takes up 3 rows, instead of trying to carry it ? I will have to begin the next color segment on the Wrong side. How do we fix that?


Deborah said...

Ok. So I am stressed out from reading about your day. I can only imagine how stressed you were. It's ok now. It's all over and you ended your day with some beautiful knitting. Love the colors. Can't wait to see it when I get back into town. Hope you had fun at Stitch N Pitch. Wish I could have been there.

Harlem Purl said...

My day was about the same as yours except I gave up and didn't make it into work.

I think you have no choice but to cut unless you want to do 2 or 4 rows of that odd number except for the 3. Know what I'm saying? Like the firs titme just do 2 then the next time that color come sup do 4 so it kinda evens itself out.

Kim said...

How can you even think of opening a deli in the morning and not being able to serve an f-ing egg sandwich. That tree shot is incredible. A co-worker in Bay Ridge told me about huge trees there ripped out of the cement and roofing (the black rubber part/shingles) ripped off. That sweater is so gorgeous! Good prgress during the game!