Sunday, June 3, 2007

Statistics for Stash Attack

I have made some new rules for myself when it comes to knitting. I looked at my stash and I realized that I cannot allow myself to buy anything else unless it is to finish a project. So, saying that... I vow not to make any new purchases until the Sheep and Wool Festival. By then I should have a few projects done, and not feel so guilty. In the meantime, I need to figure out what to do with the rest of this yarn.

So, here are my stats:
Total skeins, including scraps - 126.5
Total weight, excluding scraps - 10,219 grams
Total yardage, excluding scraps - 21,808 yards
Total yardage assigned to a project - 10,030 yards
Percentage of yardage assigned to a project - 45.9%
Number of skeins assigned to a project - 72
Percentage of skeins assigned to a project - 56.9%
Number of skeins ready for donation/charity - 33
Amount of yardage ready for donation/charity - 8,457
Here is the stash that has projects attached to it. This is really a shoe cubby that I bought from Target. I purposely built it so that my yarn would have a home in my closet. Usually three skeins occupy the space from front to back. There is another bin full of yarn that is for donation. The real problem is, that there is more yarn spilling out of these spaces, and I really need to decrease my stash.

Here is a pie chart of projects I am currently working on, and my future planned projects.

So, if anyone knows of any charity group that needs acrylic yarn, please let me know. I am ready to make a donation. I would really love to knit out this yarn, but I think if I decide to knit a child a sweater, the child will probably have kids of their own before I finish it. I would rather enable someone who had more time that they could devote to that project.


Harlem Purl said...

I think I need you to come over and organize my yarn stash (I'm not kidding). You are on a mission!

I see you've been adding to your sidebar. Very nice.

Nancy said...

I need to catalog my stash too. Of course you can come over and do it for me;)

There's a knitting group here at NYU that does charity knitting. You can send them some of your acrylic.

Shameka said...

I can help the both of you out. No problem. I just need you to write down all the details of your stash. I can type it into excel, and figure out all of the percentages, and do a chart or graph for anything that you want to compare. I mean, I do this excel stuff every day at work. I might as well use my skills for my hobby.

I would like the Charity knitting info. I need to get rid of this yarn fast. It is hogging up a fashionista's precious closet space.

Necia said...

ROFL, my stash is bad too. Let me know if you find any worthy organizations, and I'll donate too. I'm trying hard not to buy anything before Rhinebeck as well, but it's so hard. I need cotton worsted weight, not fingering weight which I have tons of in my stash! Ugh! Good luck to both of us!