Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Falling in Love part 4

On to better news. The Falling In Love sock is progressing rather nicely. I am happy so far. I only had to frog about 2 rows, because I missed a yarn over and it threw my stitch count off. Note to self.... don't try to knit a sock on the bus, and talk on the phone at the same time. LOL!!! I am falling in love with this yarn too. I just may buy another skein. To make up an excuse for why I will buy it....... I will be sure to buy a color that matches a sweater that I intend on making. Hopefully Colinette Jitterbug comes in a nice rose color. We will see.


Nancy said...

I love that yarn too. I may have to pick some up for my future Falling in Love socks!

Shameka said...

Seaport Yarn has a sale until May 31st... so, don't wait too long. I think I will pick up another pair tomorrow after work. Wanna join me? Pictures don't even describe how gorgeous this yarn is... and how nice it feels.