Thursday, December 28, 2006

New to blogging

I am new to blogging, but not new to knitting. I started at the age of 12, and the purl stitch had me so confused. So I dropped it, then picked it up again in college when I realized that the Vogue Knitting patterns looked so sophisticated. I am currently obsessed with making hats, but my new obsession is slowly becoming "the sweater". I guess I am really hard on myself and don't want to call myself a true knitter unless I have completed a sweater. So, I am on with my first.....the Central Park Hoodie from KnitScene Magazine's Fall 2006 issue. I joined the Knit-A-Long at . Visit me again to see my progress.

Drop a line or two. I am happy to make new friends.


Harlem Purl said...

Hey girl,

took you long enough to get your own blog(smile). I still haven't done a sweater for myself yet so I'm right there with you.

You should try dyeing, it's fun. Try it out with Kool aid first just to get the hang of it. I used Paton's wool my fist time which is like a little over 5 bucks a skein so it's really not that expensive.

Good to hear from you and I can't wait to see what creative things you have in store.


Shameka said...
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Shameka said...

I know, I am such a late bloomer...LOL!!! I just bought the book Modular Knits, and they have really great patterns for variegated yarns. Your dyed yarns will go perfect with the patterns. I guess that is why I am excited to try it. Nothing like a book of new patterns to get you motivated.
But first, I must finish the sweater. I started a second sweater using Moda Dea Cache'(Knit Simple holiday 2006 magazine - bell-sleeved top) I had already made a hat and scarf set for my mom using the yarn, and yes, I will be posting the pics soon. However, the pattern is calling for size 13 needles, and that makes it look very lacy, which I do not want for a thick/thin variegated yarn. So, I have to re-swatch... I am getting so annoyed at this. I always have to change the pattern somehow. I guess this is all preparation for being a great knitwear designer. That is what I get for trying to buy all of the yarn on sale at Michaels, and make a sweater out of it. By the way, it is $3 a skein, and it gets surprisingly soft once it is knit, even though it is pure wool. Or maybe because I slather Carol's Daughter's Almond Cookie Shea Souflee on my hands every time I knit. Try it, I am sure you would love it. Oh, the yarn I am replacing with Moda Dea is Musique by Crystal Palace.. I just didn't see any colors I really liked

Harlem Purl said...

I love Carols Daughter's products too. I actually use the Lemon & Rose hand cream but I am absolutely in love with her hair care products. My natural hair just soaks her Hair Milk right up!

Good luck with the sweater

sweetarts @ mac . com said...

I wanted to ask a question or two about the CPH you're doing... I had originally joined the CPH KAL (version one), but got hung up just before seaming my sleeves onto the body and haven't gotten around to re-joining the new CPHKAL. Anyway, I'm wondering whether or not you've made progress on yours using wool ease? The biggest question/concern I have is whether or not the yarn will allow enough blocking since it's got a decent percentage of acrylic in it. Please let me know what you're finding so far, if you wouldn't mind!!


Shameka said...

I feel really horrible for saying this, but I haven't made any progress. :-( I got really caught up making hats for family members, and haven't even got past the swatching stage. I wish I could be of more help. I will be sure to keep my blog updated with my progress and many pics, once there is something to show. However, I am now concerned about the blocking too. My first concern was the gauge of 18 stitches/4 inches as opposed to 17 stitches/4 inches with the donegal tweed. But, after calculating the measurements for a 36" bust sweater, I have found that "theoretically" the sweater will really be closer to 34". And since that is my true size, I think I should be okay. I like my sweaters to be close-fitting, personally.
I will block my first section after it is finished, and let you know if there are any issues.

Shameka said...

Hello Stacee,
I just wanted to keep you informed about my progress with the CPH using Wool Ease. I did my swatch, and I really didn't like the feel of the fabric, and decided not to do a whole sweater with it. This particular color (White Multi #301 has little flecks of iridescent glitter, and I think that is making the fabric feel rougher than it should be. I spoke to one of my knitting buddies, and she said that wool ease usually knits up softer than my swatch, and that there should be no problems with blocking. I have decided to change to Cascade 220, since I found the color that I reallly wanted, and the gauge is the same as well as the fabric. I hope my response was able to satisfy your curiosity about using Wool-ease.